Industrial Design & product rendering

If you are looking for personalized industrial (product) design for your company this is something I'll be glad to do. I have a bachelor degree in industrial design and have had work for companies like Heart Hero and Artesanias de Colombia. Go to the Portfolio to take a look of some works.
industrial designer product design 3d modeling

Packaging and Label

A good label and optimal packaging design could help your product to stand out. That's why I offer you trendy packaging design services. We are always up to date with the market needs.
label and Packaging designer

Interior design and Decor

3D modeling and rendering could offer huge possibilities and interior design projects. From just changing the pattern of the floor to finding the best light setup for yourliving room. Having a designer in this kind of project is always a guaranteed of success.
interior designer and home decor hire

Digital Art services

I offer you highly detailed 3D designs and illustrations focus for social media marketing, video game industry and 3D printing. You will get a personalized work flow according to your needs and requirements. Get quote today.
character designer services